Tips and Tricks for your active dog

Ridgeback active dogs

Nothing compares to the joy and energy of a lively dog. But when you notice that energy starting to bubble over and your dog seems ready for another adventure, it can be a good idea to employ some clever tricks to tire out your four-legged friend. Here are some tips on things you can do to provide your active dog with the exercise and stimulation it needs.

Hide Treats for Indoor and Outdoor Games

  • A fun and easy activity is to hide treats both indoors and outdoors. This not only occupies your dog but also provides a mental challenge that tires it out in a playful manner.

Interactive Toys for Personalized Entertainment

  • Invest in an interactive toy tailored to your dog's needs. It can be a smart investment to both engage and challenge your dog mentally. Toys that require problem-solving help tire out your dog while keeping it entertained. You can also try making your own interactive toys, for example, using a towel. You can hide treats in it and then fold and tie it according to your dog's level so that it has to work for a while to get the treats out of the towel.

Dog Parks and Forest Walks for Joyful Movement

  • Give your dog the opportunity to run around in a dog park or in the forest with a long line. Activities like these not only provide physical exercise but also allow your dog to explore different scents and environments. It's an excellent way to tire out an energetic dog while also allowing it to socialize with other four-legged friends. These are also perfect opportunities to train with your dog on recall, impulse control, or similar behaviors.

Tailored Activities for Unique Stimulation

  • Every dog is unique and has different needs. Try out different activities to find what your dog loves. It could be anything from dog agility to nose work or just sitting on a bench looking at people and other animals. Tailoring activities to your dog's specific interests not only provides enjoyment but also meaningful stimulation and is something that most dogs need to thrive.

Long Walks, Bike Rides, and Runs for Extra Exercise

  • If your dog enjoys and needs a lot of exercise besides long walks, then bike rides or runs may be something to try. Use a harness that is comfortable for your dog and adjust the pace according to its ability. It's an excellent way to both challenge and tire out your active friend. However, be mindful not to do these activities on very hot or very cold days for the sake of your dog's paws and potential dehydration.

Beach Days – Regardless of Weather

  • It's no surprise that some dogs love the beach. Regardless of the season and weather, a day at the beach can be a fantastic activity for your dog. Let it dig in the sand, run along the water, or simply enjoy the outdoor environment. It's not only physically stimulating but also provides a lovely change of scenery.

Tiring out an active and energetic dog can be both fun and rewarding. By trying out different activities and finding what your dog loves most, you not only create a happy four-legged friend but also promote its physical and mental well-being, and you'll have a lot of fun time together.