Products & Production

We produce small batches at a time to make sure we only produce what our customers demand, and avoid over production.

We also reuse fabric leftovers as much as possible, for example to produce accessories. This action reduce the amount of fabric waste.

The leather we use is a non-toxic leather and is vegetable tanned from Europe.

Transport & Packaging

We always strive to find the most environment friendly transport so we alternate between shipping by sea and by railway only in rare cases and in very small volumes we use airway transport.

For the packaging we have reduced the use of plastic bags and for the products that still comes with individual plastic wrapping we use recycled plastic.

Our packaging boxes is FSC certified and consist of 100% recyclable paper made in Europe. The dust bags we use is made in 100% organic cotton, they are also great to store our collars in or perfect to use as a treat bag.

We also use the "correct" size on boxes for the volume of the order which means we never send unnecessary filling material or half empty boxes.

Reuse & Repair

Our ambition is to make trendy and unique dog accessories for a resonable price. But we know that collars and leads that's being used frequently can be worn out after a period of time. So we really recommend all our customer to read our caring advise and to take care of the products so they last longer. All our collars and leads can easily be repaired by replacing new hardware and/or rivets. So either have a look at your local shoemaker or leather repair shop or contact us at for assistance.