Celebrating New Year's With Your Dog: The Ultimate Guide

Celebrate new year's with your dog - tips

Celebrating New Year's with your dog can be a fantastic experience, but it can also be a challenge for our four-legged friends, especially if they are afraid of loud noises like fireworks. Here are some tips to make New Year's Eve as stress-free as possible for your dog:

  • Create a safe place: Before New Year's Eve, create a calm and secure place for your dog where it can retreat when the fireworks start. It could be a dog bed in a secluded room or a small dog house covered with blankets to muffle the sounds. And also never leave your dog alone on New Year’s Eve!

  • Block out the noise: Play calming music or white noise in the background to mask the sounds of the fireworks. This can help reduce stress for your dog and create a calmer environment.

  • Keep the dog indoors: Ensure that your dog is indoors when the fireworks begin. Take a long walk earlier in the day to ensure it gets enough exercise. And if there would be any fireworks while you’re out, make sure that your dog can’t escape with the right dog collar or harness. Sadly, there are many dogs who get so scared that they escape from their owners and run away around New Year’s Eve. 

  • Distract with toys: Give your dog something to focus on during New Year's Eve by giving it a new toy or a treat-filled chew toy. This can help distract it from the outdoor noises.

  • Use anxiety-relieving products: If your dog suffers from severe anxiety during fireworks, consider using anxiety-relieving products such as an anxiety vest or calming supplements recommended by your veterinarian.

  • Stay calm: Your dog will react to your own anxiety and stress, so try to remain calm and relaxed during New Year's celebrations. This way, you can help calm your dog and show that there is no reason to worry.

  • Pre-train: If your dog is sensitive to noises, you can train it before New Year's Eve by gradually introducing it to sounds similar to fireworks. Reward it with treats and praise when it handles the sounds calmly. This should be done as early as possible, even as a puppy, if possible, to prevent fireworks from becoming a problem. However, anxiety may increase with age or if your dog happens to be very frightened at another time. But continue training, and even if you don't succeed in completely training away the anxiety and fear in your dog, you may at least be able to alleviate it!

  • Consult the vet: If your dog suffers from severe anxiety on New Year's Eve, contact your veterinarian for advice and recommendations on how best to help your dog cope with the situation.

Celebrating New Year's with your dog can be a fun and memorable experience with the right preparations and care. By creating a calm and secure environment for your dog and being aware of its needs, you can ensure that both you and your dog enjoy the celebration.