Dog-friendly places around the world to go on a rainy day


Dog-friendly indoor places and activities in 8 cities around the world: Gothenburg, London, New York, Sidney, Seoul, Brussels and Barcelona.

If you live in one of the cities listed below, grab your raincoat and your pup, because when the weather isn’t good for a walk in the park, there are great escapes for you and your paw-friend. So get out of the blankets, shake the boredom off and take your dog for a rainy day treat in one of the places that we found.


Capitol Bio
How cool would be to bring your dog to the movie theatre with you? Well, thanks to Capitol Bio, now it is possible. Yay! They have special screenings that allow “pawrents” to bring their pups to a cinema session with them. The session is called Hundbio and happens once a month. Stay tuned for the next dates at their Facebook page:

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All Star Lanes
Going bowling with friends is guaranteed fun, but if your dog can come along…best night out ever!  They have different venues around town, but three of them are the ones that let you bring your fur friend, so pay attention to this, mate: Brick Lane, Holborn and White City say YES to well-behaved dogs (and owners, of course).

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bulldog sitting belly up in a leather sofa

Tower Bridge
It is so hard to find museums that allow pets inside. 90% of them, unfortunately, don’t. But the Tower Bridge actually welcome your dog with you to their exhibition, isn’t that lovely? Want to know what is even nicer? You can make amazing pictures of you and your pup standing in the glass floor, with the Thames River passing down under. Just make sure your pup do not feel stressed about walking at the glass floor.

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New York

Strong Rope Brewery
New York is not between the most dog-friendly cities, especially with the general laws and restrictions related to pets. But we do not give up on our optimism with dog lovers being all around. So we found this cool brewery in Brooklyn, that praises local suppliers, provides quality craft beer tasting and welcome your dog in. Great beer and with paw-friend by your side. We don’t need anything else, do you?

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white puppy in New York City in the Background

Andaz Wall Street – Hyatt
How about spending a “diva” day with your pup at a 5-star hotel in Manhattan? Well, you can do it at Andaz Wall Street, where your doggy is not only welcome but also get presents, such as a bed, bowls and treats. And you were thinking that the rain could ruin your day?

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Cuckoo Callay
One of the best places to have breakfast and brunch in Sidney, also welcome our dogs in and offer a special dog treat in their menu, the “Puppachino”. They are famous for their colourful dishes, as well as the bacon festival, which they are very proud to have from local ethical farmers.

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cocker spaniel looking out the window of a car


Starfield Mall + Starfield City
Yes! In Seoul, they heard the “pawrents” that want to go shopping or check shop windows with their pups, because why not?
This amazing shopping mall chain allows pets inside (yay!), and they are even nicer to provide a list at their website, of the shops that allow you in with your paw friend and the ones that allow, but with restrictions. It’s all there so you plan “pawrfectly” 😉

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With two restaurants in downtown, their California-style Mexican food is a made with fresh ingredients that come straight from nearby farmers and they provide a massive range of Mexican sauces for you to choose. What makes them special for dog pawrents? Well, if you are a Chihuahua pup parent, come by on Wednesdays, that you’ll get 10% discount and your dog gets spoiled with a special treat and has a picture taken to might be chosen as their mascot for the trimester.
Ps: Yep. The discount is ONLY for Chihuahua breed.

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Man walks a dog in a leash holding a cup of coffee in Brussels, with people in restaurants in the background


Grand Hostel Classic
The great news about Berlin is that 70% of the hotels are pet friendly, but we went further and found a fun place, full of interesting people hanging out, and the best: great price: That’s Grand Hostel, an 1874 building in the centre of Berlin, that allows your dog in some of the private rooms. Then you can spend some time at the Library Bar, which has a lovely atmosphere and holds activities like parties, Dj sets, beer tasting and even german lessons.

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Posh Teckel
A Manchester-style pub and cosy-party music venue, that is not limited only to be dog paradise hosted by Ella, the owners’ pup; but the french fries and the pizzas are all shaped as Dachshunds (Sausage Dog), which of course, is Ella’s breed. Definitely, a must-go-to dance to good music, hang with your pup and feel like home, surrounded by dog lovers and dog-shaped food.

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Fran Daurel Contemporary Art Foundation
One of the most important museums in Barcelona allows dogs in! As long as you have your pup on the leash, you both can appreciate together some of the work of major artists like Dalí, Picasso, Miró and Gaudí. The other good news is that all public transports in Barcelona welcome our paw friends.

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dog sitting by a door wearing a blue sweater and dark blue collar with eyes closed

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