Life hacks for you and your dog


Whether you are a new or old dog lover we are sure you would appreciate a few tips for you and your paw pal. Here are Collar of Sweden’s Top 5 Dog hacks:

1. Keep your dogs’ teeth clean

The best thing you can do at home to promote good oral hygiene is to brush your dog’s teeth daily. Start with the a soft-bristled toothbrush, ideally one specifically for pets or a finger brush and toothpaste. Be sure to use toothpaste specially formulated for dogs, since toothpaste for people is designed to be spit out and can be harmful to dogs when swallowed.

2. Keep you pals paws from hurting

In case you didn’t already know our friends paws are very sensitive. The warm tarmac during the summers and the cold during the winters can harm our dog’s paws. Prevent your friends paws from cracking by applying some vaseline just before taking them out for a walk.

3. Is your pup crazy about food & a fast eater

No problem, just put some gummy toys or balls in your dog’s food bowl. This will make eating become a small challenge and slows them down while entertaining them or get them slow feeder dog bowl, these can be found in almost every dog shop.

4. Keep your home clean

Prevent dirt from spreading around the house. Keep a towel and a shallow container of room temperature water by the door to wipe down any muddy paws before your dog comes into the house.

5. Cut your buddies nail too short?  Here is how you stop the bleeding:

Mix flour or baking soda with water into a thick paste. Apply it on the bleeding area and hold with pressure for a few minutes. This should help to stop the bleeding.

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