Pet Travel: Changes in regulations due to Covid-19 and Brexit


The Brexit transition period ends at the end of 2020, so new policies were announced regarding pet travel within the EU and the UK from January 2021. On the side of that, a lot of doubts are still rounding minds of pet owners worldwide about how or if the Covid-19 pandemic has affected regulations on travelling with pups and what is the actual situation of it. We have gathered here updated information related to pet travel provided by government's agencies, flight companies and airports, so you don't have an unfortunate last-minute surprise in case you are planning a trip with your pup anytime soon in 2020 or 2021.


Even with the World Health Organisation confirmation that pets do not transmit Covid-19 to humans, some airlines still have decided to do some changes within their pet transportation policies for now. Most of them have suspended the possibility of having pets on hold in commercial flights, keeping only the trip of the little ones, allowed inside the cabin with the owner, as well as the emotional support and service dogs. Pet Cargo Transport companies are operating normally.

Here are some of the airlines that changed regulations due to Covid-19:

Air France

The transport of animals in the hold is only allowed on direct flights. This means that travelling with an animal in the hold on a flight with a connection at Paris-Charles de Gaulle or Paris-Orly is not permitted, including for travel within the EU.

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Pets allowed with you in the cabin remain OK to travel. But the airline is not taking pets in the hold until 31 October 2020. for more info and updates please visit

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Pets travelling on hold is suspended until further notice for travels within Brazil.

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United Airlines

Pets on hold and military pet transportation are suspended until further notice. The last update was on July 7th.

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Virgin Australia

Pets on their commercial flights are suspended. The company currently requires those who need to book travel with their pet to make a booking with a Commercial Pet Transport Company.

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Same policy as Virgin Australia: no pets on commercial flights for now, so they give you a list of Pet Transportation companies.

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We have checked other airlines, such as British Airways, Lufthansa, SAS, Norwegian, Iberia, TAP, Delta and Swiss but none of them display at their website any sign of changes at their usual pet travel regulations.


Travelling with a pup between the UK and the EU If you are planning a travel with your pup from or to Great Britain (Wales, England or Scotland), the very first step to take is checking the UK Government’s Animal and Plant Health Agency Website. That is the main reliable source, even after consulting a veterinary because sometimes not even vets are aware of the latest changes on this matters. That also prevents you from any stress at the airport and falling into traps that gets you to travel day with the wrong information and not allowed to depart.

Travelling with a pup from the UK to the EU On the 1st of January 2021, Great Britain will become a third country and pet travel requirements will change depending on which category Great Britain will be defined by the EU. That may lead to current EU pet passports issued in the UK not be valid anymore for travel to the EU from 1st of January 2021. So that is a very important matter to keep an eye on.

Travelling with a pup from the EU to the UK. The UK and Ireland have always had their own policies, so the current health preparations for pets entering Great Britain from the EU from 1st of January 2021 will remain like it is. Including EU pet passport issued in the EU or in the UK before 1st of January 2021, will remain allowed. Yay!

Travelling with a pup between Northern Ireland and the UK – There will be no changes to pet movements regulations between them.

All the information above was gathered on the 18th of September 2020. We hope you can take your pup on a cool trip soon and that this post was useful! And remember: Keep an eye on the airlines’ and government agencies’ websites, and try your best to start planning the travel involving your dog, 4 months before, so the whole process goes smoothly and on point.

We disclaim responsibility for any changes to the text and guidelines written above. As these are texts we have collected at a specific date. Always check with your airline what applies to you and your trip.

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