Welcome your new puppy – The Basics


We wish you and your puppy a long and happy life together! Before you bring your new puppy to your home you need to have some essential items. Here we helped you listing up the absolute basics of necessities when getting yourself a new best friend.

Dog Collar

By choosing a good fitting dog collar that’s also adjustable for your growing pup, you can make sure to have nice and comfortable walks and playtime with your new friend. By getting an adjustable collar you can also ensure for the collar to keep fitting your growing pup.

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A Good Lead

Going on a walk with a new puppy is not always easy. Puppies are not born with the knowledge of how to go on a coordinated walk with a human. Puppies jump around, they chew, they pull and some need to be kept close to you to keep them out of trouble. A short controllable lead is therefore a good option for that extra control.

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Engraved Name Tag

We recommend an engraved name tag with your dog’s name and your contact info on in case they escape or get lost. Just make sure that in case you get separated, people know where and how to find you.

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Food Bowl 

You may think of a food bowl as a simple thing, but remember to choose after your dog’s size and eating style.

Water Bowl 

Same as the food bowl, choose after your dog’s size and how much water it will need.

Dog food

Obviously your dog needs something to eat. Try to choose from what your puppy needs to grow big and healthy.

Dog bed 

Unless you plan to share your bed with your new friend all the time you need to give your new puppy its own bed. Think about size, comfiness and durability. Do your pup like to chew on things? Then maybe you will need a bed that can handle the chewing.


How else are you going to reward your puppy when it starts to figure out sit and pretty paw? Or you just want to spoil your puppy because it’s so adorable! Especially in our epic signature bananas collar!


Every puppy needs to play a lot, it’s in their nature. So wherever you buy a ball or a chew toy your dog will be excited!

We wish you and your pawsome puppy good luck!

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