How to celebrate your dog’s birthday – 6 great dog birthday presents and activities

How to celebrate your dog’s birthday – 6 great dog birthday presents and activities

Sometimes you ask yourself what to do on your dog's birthday. The best thing is to spoil them in all the best ways possible! Some great dog birthday ideas are to make a dog birthday cake, to go to a dog-friendly restaurant and a get them a bunch of new cool gifts.

1. Make a dog birthday cake

Yes, this is one of the best dog birthday ideas out there. A dog birthday cake recipe is easy to make, just remember that you should avoid sugar at all costs. Replace sugar with other items such as peanut butter or apple sauce. This will hold your dog birthday cake together, and remember it’s for dog consumption, not human consumption!

2. Buy a cool dog collar and matching lead

This is always the best time to replace that old collar and get a new cool dog collar and leather lead. Get a matching set so your dog can go on walks in style. Except for making your pup look cool, a high-quality dog collar and lead are important to make sure your dog is comfortable and feel secure and safe when you go on walks together. Choose a collar that matches your dog’s personality – maybe a collar with a cool pattern or why not a trendy green leather collar?

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3. Buy a dog tag for the new collar

Since you’re already getting a dog collar for your dog’s birthday, you should consider to also get a dog tag in case your dog ever gets lost. The only way to avoid a heartbreak is by getting your dog a proper and personalized ID tag. Your will thank yourself later! Not sure what information should be on the dog tag? We got you! Dog tags should always contain a telephone number to the owner, and of course your dog’s name. If there are room left, consider adding your city or address. There are many cute dog tags to choose from, so why not go for a cute heart-shaped or a stylish bone dog tag?

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4. Take your dog out eating in dog-friendly restaurants

Another great dog birthday idea is to take your dog to a dog-friendly restaurant. Do a quick search for some restaurants that allow dogs, make your reservation, and spoil that dog! This is a lot of fun for both of you, and a great way to explore new places together. And you can even bring your dog birthday cake with you for the dessert! Maybe avoid the candles, cause they might try to eat them!

5. Buy a comfy dog bed

A calming dog bed is one of the best additions to your home and your dog will always have a comfortable place to rest its paws. There are a lot of options out there, make sure to get a bed that suits your dog. Get a medium dog bed if you have a pup or smaller breed, or a large dog bed if your dog needs more space. If you already have a dog bed, consider spoiling your dog with a new luxury dog bed to show your love. A perfect dog birthday gift that never will disappoint your dog!

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6. Take your dog to a dog groomer to get stylish

Your dog needs to be groomed, and they may bark or pull on the way there, but will always be happier afterwards. Going to the dog groomer for your dog’s birthday is a great idea for them to get their haircut and treatments to make them feel more comfortable. Your dog will also look fantastic and be ready to head over to the dog-friendly restaurant or the surprise party you are secretly having for your dog!