Reflective Dog Collars and Accessories: Cheap life insurance

Reflective dog walking bag, collar and leash
As a dog owner, you go on many walks, regardless of the weather and time of year, so you and your dog must be visible when you are out walking.

Therefore you must think about the doggy’s safety in form of wearing some kind of reflectives. Keep reading to learn why it’s vital that you and your pup are visible in the dark and what to keep in mind when walking your dog on busy streets.

Reflective collars and traffic safety prevent accidents.


For us, it’s important to stay safe. You can easily increase both your own and your dog’s visibility, and safety, by using a reflective collar, like our Reflex Collar while it’s dark outside. The statistics show that in Sweden, traffic accidents are the most common cause of death for our dogs (Agria Djurförsäkring). Therefore, it is crucial that your doggo wears a reflective collar and leash while out on evening walks regardless of the season. Besides the reflective collar, we also offer a reflective leash, poop bag holder, and a reflective dog walking bag in our reflective collection, ensuring you and your pup stay safe in the dark.

In Sweden, traffic accidents involving dogs increase during the autumn and winter months, and for a motorist, a dog without a reflective collar or vest is impossible to detect. Most traffic accidents occur in densely built-up areas – for example, in parking garages or pedestrian crossings where many people are on the move. Many people don’t consider that drivers’ visibility deteriorates even in dusk, fog, and bad weather. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to prevent traffic accidents is for you and your pooch to use reflective gear.

In addition to using reflective gear for both yourself and your dog, you must know how to handle your dog in heavily trafficked areas. Here are some things we think you should keep in mind:

  • If you are walking along a busy road, the same principle applies when it’s light as when it’s dark; that is, to keep an eye on your dog. If the dog pulls away, it can end up on the road.

  • Have a firm and stable dog lead that is easy to grab. We don’t recommend using an elastic leash or Flexi-leash on busy roads.

  • Do not zig-zag when walking among others. The lead can then become a tripwire for pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Make sure you’ve trained your dog to walk in a busy environment and that it is properly socialized. Dog encounters can be critical and can make you lose focus on others on the road.

  • Lastly, as a dog owner, it’s smart to wear weather-appropriate shoes (e.g. studded shoes) in winter. Just in case your dog pulls away on an icy busy street, you can both get hurt.

With our reflective collar, leash, poop bag holder and reflective doggy bag you can feel confident that your dog is visible in the dark while it’s also an incredibly stylish set – safe and fashionable. Who doesn’t love that?
In addition to our reflective products in silver, we have now also created them in the color bronze. Click here to explore all of our reflective products.

reflective dog collar and leash